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Prolong the life of your tyres by taking certain measures to ensure they wear evenly.

Tyre Inspection

Regular monthly inspection of your tyres will increase the chance of spotting any alignment or mechanical wear early, so small problems can be resolved before they become costly.

Correct Tyre Pressure

Always keep your tyres inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications which you will find in your owner’s handbook. Don’t forget to inflate and check the spare.

Inflating Often?

If you are inflating a tyre more often than usual, then it might well have a slow puncture. This could be caused by a nail or a sharp stone lodged in the tyre or a leaking valve. Have it checked by a tyre dealer.


Have your tyres rotated at least every 8,000km.

Informative Videos

Dunlop on Tread Depth Indicators

How low can you go??
Dunlop shows you why tread depth can be a sticky subject. Subscribe to our channel for more tyre tips and information. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more tips.

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Why tyre rotation is a cool move

It only takes a couple of moves to keep those tyres turning sweetly. Check out why Dunlop say tyre rotation is a good thing!

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Air conditioning - Dunlop on tyre pressure

You roll on rubber and air. You'll be under all sorts of pressure if the air isn't kept just right. See why it's a good idea to put tyre pressure on your check list.

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Being Smooth - Dunlop Tyres on wheel alignment

Sweet spot or rough ride? See why having your wheels working together is the way to go.

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Bad Vibes - Dunlop Tyres on wheel balancing

Tyre care got you in a spin? We'll show you why it's good to keep things on an even keel.

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Tyre wear reveals a great deal. Learning to recognise problems early will save you a great deal of trouble and money.

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